Bonus in Red Algorithm

Rune bonus in Red Algorithm

Eventually, you will encounter runes on the map. They are rare bonuses that you can later invest into one of the hero stats (like damage, move speed, regeneration, dodge, etc.). Each hero has his/her own set of runes and they can't be transferred between them. Runes can appear on the map only after 4 minutes. Rune drop rate can be seen in the game if Dev Stats are "on" in settings (as rdr %), and on the rune screen as well. Generally speaking, the drop rate is higher for Hard Mode and for games that last more than 15 minutes. Also, perk Collector (native to Fernando), increases the drop rate, as well as the total number of completed achievements. Lastly, there is a DLC called Pickaxe that increases the drop rate by a factor of 2, so you can farm them much faster.

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