Machine Guns

Weapon class in Red Algorithm

Machine Guns weapon class in Red Algorithm

These are the most fun toys to play with, if you can handle them. Machine guns are generally extremely heavy, with just a few exceptions (Rebel and Amigo for instance). You need to prepare yourself well just to be able to carry one even for a minute. You need at least 2 or 3 perks that improve move speed or reduce weapon weight, and maybe a proper weapon upgrade, to be able to outrun most of the monsters with a machine gun. MGs shoot fast and have a lot of ammo, but the damage per second (considering their low accuracy) is below assault rifles, thus they need proper perks to have a lot of DPS. Sarah can handle machine guns better than other heroes because with Mechanic perk they won't jam (which is important as the reload time is horrible), and because Sarah has a native move speed boost. Perks Spikes and Infinite Ammo have an extra bonus when it comes to this class. If you are lucky to pick a special perk for this class, Mr. Heavy, you can reduce MGs weight by a lot.

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