Weapon class in Red Algorithm

Rifles weapon class in Red Algorithm

What can be more simple and effective than the good old rifle? High range, high damage and penetration, average weight, slow shooting and reloading speed, are the rifles' stats. They aren't the most powerful weapons out there, but they are good with a proper setup. Their high range and damage allow you to target and destroy spawners fast, which is always helpful. With rifles, you should figure out a way to deal some area damage, maybe with grenades, Liquidator, Wicked Reloader, or something. Overwhelming is usually the biggest concern. It's particularly important to use the advanced movement techniques with this class (duck, run, manual reload, aim, etc.) to survive longer. If you are able to get Marksman, a special perk for this class, you will be lucky, as it can significantly improve a number of important stats.

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