Consumable in Red Algorithm

Barricade consumable in Red Algorithm

It's always fun to place this thing on the map and watch monsters carelessly step on it and die. Barricades are starting consumables for Mr. Lee and Fernando. Each barricade has just 25 HP, which also represents how many times it can deal damage to monsters or block range projectiles. It does 75 physical damage when contacted, which can be improved with Engineer and Entrenching perks. Also, they slow down monsters who step on them by 25% acting like animal traps. They are heavy to carry, each reducing move speed of the hero by 5% while in inventory, so get the Rocket Backpack perk if you want to keep them for a while. It can be cool to place a barricade right on the late-game spawner, it will trigger a few times and eventually destroy it, but generally they are used in the middle of the map around rocks, to provide a safe passage for the hero and kill some following monsters.

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