Consumable in Red Algorithm

Drone consumable in Red Algorithm

Drones are small flying machines that shoot at monsters. Osiris and Lucy start with them, and, as any other consumable, it can be found on the map in the grey case. Each drone in inventory slows down your movement by 5%, so getting Rocket Backpack perk can help you to carry them. Drones have 150 ammo, 250 range, and they shoot one bullet with 25 physical damage every 0.5 second. Their stats can be improved with Drone T-69 perk. Unlike turrets, drones' bullets never hit rocks because they are flying, but similarly to turrets, drones do occasionally malfunction. Drones are probably the most powerful consumables out there (maybe after heal), so keep them for a mid or even late game when you need some extra firepower.

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