Consumable in Red Algorithm

Grenade consumable in Red Algorithm

Grenades are explosive weapons thrown by hand. They deal 75 fire-based damage in 100 x 100 area (can be improved with Grenadier, Explosives, and Area Damage perks). They can do a lot of damage when accurately thrown to the crowd of monsters, and they can be helpful against spawners. Throwing grenades requires a bit of skill, because there are 3 ways to do so with different range; you can throw a grenade at a close distance when you duck, you can throw a grenade far away while you run, plus a normal way when you don't duck or run. John starts with a few of them, as well as Amira. Each grenade in inventory slows down hero movement by 1%, so getting Rocket Backpack perk can be helpful. Or you can just throw them out as quick as possible if this wasn't your desired consumable. Grenades aren't that strong in the late game, but in the early and mid game they are must-have for certain heroes and builds, as they can be the only tool you have to deal splash damage and to avoid overwhelming.

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