Mechanic in Red Algorithm

Achievements is something that an expirienced player can try to get after he mastered the casual mode. They can be acquired only in Hard Mode. Generally speaking, to get an achievement, you must survive 10 minutes in Hard Mode with a particular setup; a weapon and a perk. There are also a few achievements that require you to play as a particular hero. The required perk must be taken as the 1st or 2nd, meaning that perks that heroes start with count as well, for example native Mr. Lee's perk Ninja will be accepted for an achivement that requires that perk. However, in most cases, you would need to pick the required perk when you get your first level in order to qualify for an achievement. As there are many perks in the game, and only 3 are offered at each level, it would be almost impossible to get the right one, that is why there are missions. Achievements in the game are stored locally, and they are also integrated with Steam.

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