Mechanic in Red Algorithm

Durability represents the current condition of your weapon. As you use your weapon (when you shoot), the weapon loses its durability and its stats (damage, range, accuracy, reload speed, shooting speed, malfunction chance) are going down as well (except for the malfunction chance, it goes up). The weapon never really breaks, you always will be able to use it, but the stats of a used weapon will be reduced (-25% with 0% durability).

Durability in the game is expressed as the number of times you can use this weapon, but usually, this number itself won't tell you much. A much better way to express durability is to show it as the number of minutes that you can use the weapon until its durability goes to 0%. In the game, you can see a weapon's durability as a grey bar under the image of your weapon (above the purple habit bar), there it's expressed as a percentage, from 0% to 100%.

Weapon's maximum durability largly depends on its class. The most durabile weapons are pistols, rifles, shotguns, and launchers. ARs and MGs are ok. SMGs are a little worst. Gauss and plasma weapons have low durability, but the worst class in this regard is primitive weapons.

Factors that affect durability are: weapon habit (increasing durability by 25% with 10 (100%) habit), weapon penalty (reduces durability by 25%), a blessed weapon has +25% durability, a cursed weapon has -25% durability, -25 or less Wickedness increasing durability by 25%, and 25 or more Wickedness reduces durability by 25%. These factors don't affect the maximum weapon durability, they affect the speed with which the weapon loses it.

There are a few ways to restore weapon's durability (to repair your weapon): perk Mechanic allows you to repair the weapon while you stand still, perk Soulmate makes the weapon durability infinite, you can just pick the same weapon from the weapon box and restore 100% durability like that, and whenever you upgrade your weapon you also restore 100% of its durability.

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