Mechanic in Red Algorithm

Most of the weapons in the game will shoot a bullet, one after another, if you hold the left mouse button. Even if the shooting speed of the weapon is slow, you can still hold the trigger and it will shoot when the weapon is ready. Semi-auto weapons aren't like that. To use a semi-automatic firearm you need to press the trigger every time you want to shoot a bullet, which means that you need to press the left mouse button a lot and do it fast. Usually, you can recognize if a weapon is semi-auto by looking at its hit speed, 0 would indicate that it's this kind of weapon. Or, you can just try to click the mouse button fast and see if it will shoot a bullet every time. Such weapons have advantages and disadvantages. If it's a reliable weapon, you can demonstrate a quite impressive fire rate. A weak side of many of those weapons is that the reload speed is usually slow. There aren't many semi-auto weapons in the game. Here are some of them: Renaissance, Frontier, Dunali, Veteran, Cleaner, Alligator, and Han

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