Special Perks

Mechanic in Red Algorithm

There are some perks that are a little bit different from others. They are called special, or sometimes "weapon class perks" in the game. Those perks are: Cowboy, Hunter, Recon, Soldier, Marksman, Plasma Boy, Magnetic, Mr. Heavy, Explosives, Primal, one per each weapon class. They aren't offered to any hero like all others, they are only offered to a hero that has certain expriience in using a particular weapon class. You need to use a weapon of one class for at least 5 levels in order to see special perks in the random selection pool. The goal of that is to prevent players from getting these perks too early as they are quite powerful. Because of this mechanic, it's often a smart idea to start using a low level weapon in a certain class from the beginning of the game (for instance Vandal launcher), to increase your chances of getting a special perk as soon as possible later when you switch to a more powerful weapon (say, Shaitan launcher) in the same weapon category. This mechanic, as well habit mechanic, is another good reason to stick to the same weapon class throughout the game.

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