Mechanic in Red Algorithm

A trust system was implemented in the game in order to protect lawful players from hackers and cheaters. The system prevents players with low trust from uploading their results to the online public Steam Leaderboards. The way trust value is calculated is not disclosed because if everyone knows it, hackers and cheaters would know it too and it will be useless. The only thing that can be said publically is that if you just play the game in a normal way for a while, your trust will grow, and eventually, you will improve your trust status. If you do things that are expected from a regular player like; playing some games, completing a few achievements, finishing the tutorial, etc., your trust will grow.

There are 3 trust statuses:

Ivan hero in Red Algorithm

Red icon = low trust

Ivan hero in Red Algorithm

Orange icon = suspicious

Ivan hero in Red Algorithm

Green icon = high trust

You can see your trust status icon after the nickname in the main menu.

Only green high trust level allows you to upload your results to the Steam Leaderboards.

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