Mechanic in Red Algorithm

There is a thing called wickedness in this game. It shows how good or bad you are. High wickedness indicates that you are an evil person, and low wickedness says the opposite.

Many weapons and perks affect wickedness in one way or another. For example, Deal with the Devil is probably not a good thing. You can see how a weapon affects your wickedness in its stats (like Shaitan adds 25 to it, as "Shaitan" means an evil spirit in Islamic belief), but the effect on wickedness for perks in hidden.

If a weapon is cursed or blessed it's going to affect wickedness too. In addition to that, each bionic body part will add 25 to your total wickedness.

Wickedness determines the power of heal for Paladin perk, low wickedness being a good factor. Also, it determines the power of fireballs that you shot if you have Demonic Possession perk. In that case, high wickedness is a good thing. Perk Holy Spirit has a significant effect on wickedness, it reduced it by 5 every minute, and its damage is based on the current wickedness value as well.

There are 2 weapons in the game which damage directly depends on wickedness: Diablo, and Malleus. Those weapons can be really powerful with a good/evil build.

Another feature of wickedness is that it affects the duration of the disease. Every 33 points of it reduce or increase the duration by 1 minute.

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