Monster in Red Algorithm

Phantom monster in Red Algorithm

Ghosts are fast and deadly. It's hard to see them and their spawner at a long distance. Phantoms have very high physical and bio resistance, so be sure to have a decent energo weapon, good perks, and some explosives to fight them efficiently. They are also smart; they won't attack you unless there are 50 or more monsters on the map. They will keep a safe distance from you and find a moment when you are busy and vulnerable to make their move.

Level: 22

HP: 200
Armor: 0.75 | 0.25 | 0 | 0.75
Move speed: 3.75
Damage: 15
Hit speed: 1
Dodge: 0.25
Crit: 0.25
Bash: 0
Experience: 20

Monster stats are higher in Hard Mode

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