Monster in Red Algorithm

Savage monster in Red Algorithm

Savages are problematic folks. They have a high chance to block any attack, and they also throw spears. Their spears aren't very harmful, but they do slow you down and cause injuries. Savages are equipped with shields that provide basic protection against physical damage. Once a savage lose its shield after taking some damage, he will charge at you.

Level: 4

HP: 45
Armor: 0.25 | 0 | 0 | 0
Move speed: 0.82 (1.65)
Damage: 11
Damage [R]: 3
Range: 150
Hit speed: 3
Block: 0.33
Crit: 0.02
Crit [R]: 0.01
Bash: 0
Experience: 1.6

Monster stats are higher in Hard Mode

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